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The Future of SEO: Voice Search Optimization

Hello, digital entrepreneurs! In the current scenario, technology is constantly evolving, and it is crucial for us to utilize these technological changes and take advantage of these new technologies as rapidly as possible. Therefore, in today’s blog you’ll learn how digital assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa are facilitating customer and business connections.

1) The growth of voice search:

According to recent studies, voice search engines produce $40 billion in annual revenue, indicating that the need for voice help is already rising rapidly.  And people are utilizing these search engines to compare products and services, find out more information on purchase decisions , and most importantly to find businesses like yours!

2) Recognize long tail keywords for voice search SEO:

When people use voice assistants, they often use detailed sentences, so you need to optimize your blogs and website with long tail keywords if you want to rank in voice search. For instance, “the best restaurant in Belleville targeted to international students with meals that were vegetarian” is a long tail keyword (or search term).  The best thing about long tail keywords is that they are very specific and have little competition, which promotes higher rankings for websites. And based on our analysis, voice search definitely works best with long tail search terms.

3) Prepare your website for local searches:

The majority of voice searches are for local goods, services, and enterprises. Therefore, each company must confirm that the contact details, address, and business hours listed on their website and on Google Maps are both accurate and consistent. Additionally, companies must take care to provide website content that speaks to the interests and needs of the local customers they are targeting.

4) Website optimization for mobile devices:

As business owners, it is important to ensure that our website opens quickly and has a user-friendly landing page to boost the chances of conversion rate. As we all know, the majority of voice searches take place on mobile devices. A great website experience increases not only the likelihood of ranking higher in voice searches but also conversion rates and client satisfaction.


Google Voice Search on phone

5) Produce compelling audio content:

A good example of this would be podcasts. The emergence of voice searches has raised demand for audio-related content like podcast and audiobooks. Let’s say a compay sells fitness-realted products online. If it adds a podcast on a healthy lifestyle to its social media and website there is a higher probability that voice assistants will display that company at the top of search results. This is because voice assistants take into account social media material that has a strong following. Additionally, audio content like podcasts improve client engagement and brand exposure and the search engines are looking for rich multi-media content now.

6) Businesses and brands must stay up with trends and technologies:

Given the state of technology today, voice searches usage is both growing and improving. In order to stay on top of trends, we must comprehend the behaviour of our audience, monitor the effectiveness of our website using analytics, and use tools such as Google Keyword Tool to find out what people in our niche are searching for on Google. This provides us ideas for targeting such keywords that we may wish to rank for. Then knowing these target keywords, we can create content that aligns with those keywords, including the appropriate metadata.

Voice Search Conclusions:

Not that long ago, voice search didn’t exist at all. Now it has become an important part of how people search for products and services. Good examples of this would be someone traveling in their car and they want to stop at a local restaurant. They ask their phone “Hey Google, what is a good Italian restaurant near me?” Keeping voice search in mind and remembering to focus on long tail search terms (this means searches with five or six or more words in it), can help you to grow your organic traffic.

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