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We provide world-class secure, reliable, fast website hosting.

The Best Website Hosting in Canada and the U.S. for Small and Medium Businesses

It’s a big claim to say you offer the best website hosting in Canada and the U.S. for small and medium businesses!  But we believe it’s true and we’ll back that up with data (that you can use to compare with other providers).

Here’s why we say we are the best:

1. Cloudflare for Enterprise

If you are comparing us to other providers, ask them what Content Delivery Network (CDN) they include (at no additional charge to you). IF they offer CDN at all, chances are they give you CloudFlare’s free plan. Most providers though don’t offer any CDN ‘out of the box’.

We provide Cloudflare’s HIGHEST level of service to all websites hosted on our system! You can compare Cloudflare’s features and plans here. And while those prices may scare you, don’t worry! With our hosting solution you don’t pay a fraction of that.

2. Reliability

reliability iconOur hosting solution is covered by a 100% uptime service level agreement with CloudFlare.  We provide REAL TIME VIRUS PROTECTION via Immunify 360, another key differentiator from our competitors.  And with EVERY website being probed by hackers, it’s important to have a solid firewall in place. We use CloudFlare’s WAF where every request to the WAF is inspected against the rule engine and the threat intelligence curated from protecting literally millions of websites. Suspicious requests can be blocked, challenged or logged as per the needs of the user while legitimate requests are routed to the destination, agnostic of whether it lives on-premise or in the cloud.

We also back up our websites nightly and do a second monthly backup via another independant service. Our backups are there if you need them!

3. Security

Security and reliability go hand in hand. We utilize CloudFlare for Enterprise’s Web Access Firewall (WAF) to help keep the bad guys out. We also use what we consider the best premium WordPress security plugin and make sure it is configured the way we think is best. And we keep our software and yours up-to-date because we know that WordPress websites are often hacked via known software vulnerabilities. The best way to avoid that is to have up-to date software.

We have real-time virus protection via Immunify 360. Additionally, all websites that we host are provided with a free premium (paid) security plugin that we optimally configure. We take security very seriously and so should you as we know EVERY website is being explored for vulnerabilities by hackers using a variety of computer-generated scripts.

4. Speed

GTmetrix results 300x115We know fast websites are critical for good Search Engine results (search engine optimization) and for good user experience. Our websites are fast! You can always check your own website performance using

If you’re not getting an “A” rating with your existing hosting provider, you should seriously thinking of hosting with us!

5. Backups

data backupIn business, the number one rule of data is to back up anything you don’t want to lose, and then back it up again! We take nightly backups of the websites we host and we do monthly backups via an entirely different service (with daily backups available there as well).


6. Up Time Monitoring Better Up-Time 24/7 Monitor we monitor our hosted websites’ uptime. If a site goes down we receive a text and an email from the monitoring service.  Knowing this as fast as possible, we can take corrective action. Of course it’s extremely rare for one of our sites to go down but there are a variety of reasons why this could happen. 

7. Staging Environment

With the push of a button we can instantly create a clone of your website. We can use this to test out new versions of WordPress, your website theme or plugins or even the version of PHP your site is using.

8. PHP Options

On some website hosts you don’t have a choice of what version of PHP you use. And while we recommend staying on the latest fully released version, there may be valid reasons to be on a different one. We can do this on our hosting environment for you at the push of a button!

9. FREE Migrations

If you have a WordPress website on another host, and want to come join us, we’ll move your website for free and we’ll do it fast!

10. Support

We’re here when you need us and we’re backed up by a team 24/7. We respond to phone, email, our ticketing system and even Facebook messaging!

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Fully Managed Service

We look after security, security monitoring,  provide nightly site back-ups, and monthly backups, and ensure your website software is up-to-date.


Our servers are optimized for WordPress websites. Coupled with CloudFlare for Enterprise, websites on our servers load super fast!


This is a FULLY MANAGED service. We look after security, back-ups, updates and resolve any issues you may have with your website.

Real-Time Virus Protection

We provide real-time virus protection via Immunify 360.

CloudFlare for Enterprise CDN

We utilize CloudFlare’s highest level of service called CloudFlare for Enterprise to provide geographic caching (faster website speed) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection, web access firewall, prioritized service and a whole host of other features.


We take security VERY seriously and actively take steps to prevent your website from being hacked. We can’t over-emphasize how critical this is nowadays!

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