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SEO Break Even Calculator

We focus on getting websites ranked high in Google search.

This simple SEO calculator can help you determine if SEO makes sense for your business. The purpose of the calculator is to give you an indication of how much additional traffic you will need to generate to your website in order to cover your monthly SEO cost. After breaking even, the traffic beyond that generates profitable sales based on your conversion rate.

You just need to enter a few pieces of data:
1. Enter in the amount of money you wish to spend on SEO. If you want to work with us, we’ll go over our pricing with you. Or if you have a number in mind, enter that. You can always play with any of the numbers in the calculator to see the impact.

2. Enter the average price of the products you sell.

3. Enter your average gross product margin e.g if it is 30%, then enter ’30’.

4. Enter your estimated conversion rate percentage. This is the number of people that visit your website and then buy your product. This will usually be a fairly small number such as 1 to 5 but will vary from business to business e.g. if your conversion rate is 3%, then enter ‘3’.

For more information, refer to our blog post “The ROI of SEO“.

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